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Occupational Therapy



Occupational Therapy 

The Occupational Therapy (OT) service provides assessment and treatment of people through the use of specific purposeful activities in order to promote independence and quality of life, particularly in the areas of self-care, work and leisure. Occupational Therapists assess the physical, psychological and social abilities of the individual, identifying strengths and needs. In collaboration with the service user, a structured programme of activity is developed to build the skills needed to live as independent a life as possible. Occupational Therapists are based within most of the East London NHS Foundation Trust teams that provide mental health services in Newham. 

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How to Refer 

As Per MDT where OT is based. No direct referral 


Contact Details

Occupational Therapy - Newham
The Newham Centre for Mental Health
Cherry Tree Way
Glen Road
London E13 8SP
Tel: 020 7540 4207
Fax: 020 7540 2973